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“Nobody has the power to make things perfect; but everyone is given countless chances to make things right”

My Diary Entry #1

February 20, 2011

Dear  Dairy,

I've been through a lot lately and I'm feeling the pain slowly eating the good things inside me. I would like to read this blog again and again in the future to reminisce the my past. How have I been, what I've been through, and the reflections I made to create and stronger and better me.  I wasn't expecting to be perfect, I'm just an ordinary human being who in any chance can commit miserable mistake.

First, a made a decision to detached myself into something i do not like. I have to make excuses and leave the company for my betterment. Where am I going? Today, I found myself floating. I dunno what to do and to whom should I come. They say, friendship is best tested during this kind of situation and I can merely see few persons who made me appreciate their existence from the day I meet them til now. So far they didn't let me down. I dunno know exactly how to thank them from the bottom of my heart. But I want to say so, thank you Hiyasmin, Sheng and Ate Tere for being there even just for a talk. Tots, Thank you for all the support and encouragement.

Second, even though how good you are to a person they have always something to say behind your back. It is really hard to accept that fact when that persons is a part of your family member or someone who used to be your friend. I mean trusting somebody for now is the hardest thing to do. I dunno who is who and what is what. I am trying my very best to be nice once again in my life and I don't want to carry the burden anymore. The burden of hating somebody because they're the least person whom I think that an hurt me. I know I can meet those kinds of person every where. All I have to do is.. I dunno yet.. Blend with them? Just act like I dunno what they are doing to be just accepted in this crap society? or make least contact with them. Just stay away from their business and keep myself from butting in in the kind of person. For that, I still have to know my answers to create a mature person in the future

Third, I am hating my parent for the mean time. I know myself it will not be forever but I want them to realize that I am 23 years old already. I want to do things on my own and I want don't want to be dictated on how to run my life. This is me, I have to live alone and I want to become independent as far as I can be. For 22 years of my life I was listening to your wishes all the time. Please I am begging you. This one is for me. I want to give it a try. In that way I can grow.

Just this one for now. I have to go to the church and cry myself out. I think I need a doctor for these depression. BYE.

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Our Christmas Party!

Novermber 30, 2010 - My earliest Christmas party.

We'll be having our Christmas party today. It is my earliest Christmas party so far and probably my last Christmas party in the company. I want to make it as memorable as I can.

I had no intentions in making up with my "enemies" though they (persons who are that important) bragging me that Christmas is about giving Love, making up, forgiveness, blah! blah! blah! I'm sorry! But not with me. I don't care about each and everyone of you. I can live my own, I can stand my own, I can't have few friends, few trusted ones; The persons I can always lean on.

It isn't the same without Ate Tere, Oh~well, she make it all. She can do it by herself anyways. This years organizing committee isn't that effective though. Not everyone is used to this kind of organizations. All I can think about is that those who made an effort in giving what they can is always appreciated. I hate to think about the persons who is ever so self centered, just to stand out in the crowd. We'll for me effort denied. I hate GREAT TIME COPYCATS!

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A special ride

My Hong Kong Trip last May 2009 - Ocean Park

I wish to be in these cable ride with someone special. It may be a Friend, A Family Member or Someone Special like ****.

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My Hongkong Trip

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art."

My Hong Kong Trip last May 2009.

I never imagined getting into this place at first. It was a bit unexpected and a new one for me. Sad thing about the trip is that I wasn't with family. It would be more enjoyable if I was with my parents and my sisters.

I wish to bring them there one day to see their bright smiles and to imprint another pleasurable moment.

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I will miss everything

Morning work and breakfast with the doctors. I will miss these good times with my closest cousin. The food was awesome and the weather is very nice. I suddenly remember the Breakfast at Tiffany's.

My Introduction

Hello :)

This my first time using a Blogger account so please bear with me.

I'd like to make my blog simple but interesting. If you find it not pleasing or doesn't suit your taste, you are free to leave. We do have the "so called" personal tastes which doesn't match but still you can check out my post if you want :D.

I don't want to leave wrong impression on people, in fact I want to be friendly but I can sense that other people are just insensitive in someways. I can do nothing about it anyway. It's their choice, in short, merely part of their system which I understand.

You may find some typo graphical errors in my post, well, I'm not perfect. I do commit mistakes. You can correct me anytime. I'm not even a great writer, I always have these FAIL moments when writing and my sentence you find most likely amateur. But I do want to write just for fun, just to let out what I'm feeling.

You may find some of my post similar to others, clearly, I don't own them. You can find credits underneath my post simply to acknowledge the ideas and efforts of the authors. I'm posting random things in this blog site. It may be About Me, K-pop, Friends, My like, Quotes and Photography.